Photos of North America

This eclectic mix of photographs from across North America will perhaps spur your travel instinct and encourage you to visit more places and to
entice you to travel the scenic tours of the Stoness Guide Books.
James Stoness - Photographer
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Tucson Sunset

We saw this great evening scene from the frontyard of our friend's house in the hills west of Tucson.
Oh to be in the desert in early dawn

Oh to be in the Arizona desert in the early dawn when the birds are just beginning to waken. Although it's usually very cool, it's still a great time of day.
Early Morning

Early morning can present you with some striking colours here at Mesa Springs. Of course autumn colours enhance all the scenery in Eastern Ontario.
Forest Snow

Just because there is not much snow in southern Arizona doesn't mean that Christmas has to be dull. Here at the Tier Drop Trailer Park in Wellton, AZ, the residents are enjoying a cup of warm drink at the home of a resident.
Pretty flower

We found this flower in the greenhouse in Ketchikan, Alaska. The were many types of flowers. Certainly a great place to visit.

Spruce limb with snow.

Snow can be beautiful as seen here on the outstretched branch of a spruce tree.

Snowy Spruce

This attractive flower display was one of many found in a greenhouse in Ketchikan.
Maple Leaves

Almost no leaves in the forest are as beautiful as the eastern red maple.

Gnarly Tree

All across the desert you will encounter these odd growths. Sometimes they are large and very noticeable, and other times you'll never even notice them unless you are very alert.
Maples on the hill

This great cluster of flowers was also found in the Ketchikan greenhouse.
Pincushion cactus

For very interesting displays of desert vegetation it's a good idea to visit areas where they are displayed. Often times there is a small fee, but it can be very rewarding.
Snowy Branch

Look for pretty flowers everywhere you go.
Snowy Lane

A BNSF train makes its way downgrade preparing to enter Abo Canyon. This several mile long canyon has hosted a single track for many years. Efforts to twin the track ran into a lot of flak, but will soon be complete. This railroad is very, very busy.
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