Photos of North America

This series of pictures focuses on the sea and forest, part of the eclectic mix of great scenery found in Labrador and Newfoundland.
James Stoness - Photographer
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Battle Harbour, Labrador

The charming settlement of Battle Harbour welcomes visitors. This is a protected site that is being saved to show visitors a little bit of history.
Settlement along the bay, Newfoundland

This attractive scene of tranquility is typical of many ocean scenes in Newfoundland.
cannons on Signal Hill

These cannons helped protect the town of St. John's from enemies coming from the sea.
coastal rock

The twisted rocks along this shore indicate the fiery origin of Labrador.
forest and lake

Striking view of barrens lake backdropped by mountain.
Mountains near Gros Morne

View driving towards the mountains of Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.
Historic house

An attractive historic house with widow's walk look across the harbour in Harbour Breton. The Sunny Cottage Heritage Centre is preserved for your enjoyment. Inside there are well preserved rooms and furniture to enjoy.
Inside Viking House

View inside a Viking home in L'Anse aux Meadows.
Island berries

Labrador and Newfoundland have many wild berries.
The Matthew

Cabot's sailing ship, The Matthew is on display in Bonavista.
road garden

You will find many gardens along the roads. The scarcity of good soil means that people grow gardens wherever they can. Often this will be miles from their homes.
Signal Hill

The stone Cabot Tower is the prominent landmark on Signal Hill. Here you will also see information about Marconi's experiements in wireless communication.

MV Iceberg Hunter is captained by Jim Jones of Mary's Harbour. This is the most common way to get to Battle Harbour. It's a steady barrage of good scenery from dock to dock.

The village of Trinity is not to be missed. These attractive buildings represent the rest of the town. Nice place!
Trinity Church

St. Paul's Anglican Church is an imposing building in downtown Trinity. Built in 1892 it is a fine wooden church.
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