Photos of North America

These pictures will perhaps stimulate your urge to travel.
Jump into the RV, take the kids, and your camera,
and a copy of my Scenic Travel Guides and hit the open road.
Oh, pick up a copy of my novel 'Death Stalked the Spanish Treasure' for reading by a quiet lake.
James Stoness - Photographer
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Elk enjoy golf course in Prince Albert NP, Saskatchewan

Golfing can be exciting in Prince Albert National Park when elk rest on the fairway. Autumn colours make it difficult to concentrate on your game.
Bright Angel Canyon, Arizona

Bright Angel Canyon looms across the Grand Canyon as a deeply eroded gash, that leads down from the North Rim to the turbulent Colorado River. Here, blue shadows make it look all the more mysterious. Do the Sons of the Pioneers have a view like this in mind when they sing their famous 'Blue Shadows on the Trail' song?
Private cactus garden, Arizona

This view of a private cactus garden represents hours of patient care and selection of the plants that have blended to give us such beauty. A home garden like this eliminates a lot of mowing. Location is south of Arizona City.

Sunset, Prince Albert NP, Saskatchewan

When the sun starts towards the horizon in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, camera buffs prepare for striking sunset pictures across Lake Waskesiu. Wind surfers enjoy the steady breezes that cross the lake in the summertime.
Snowplow in ditch in front of Mesa Springs

Sometimes arriving home after a winter in the south has its reality checks. Here in Loughborough Township an April snowstorm creates a few problems, quickly remedied when you have the necessary tools.
South of Flin Flon, Manitoba

The drive south in Manitoba from the town of Flin Flon passes through many areas of beauty.
Bumping along an Arizona Trail

There are many offroad trails in Arizona. This twenty mile swing through the country east of Ajo is a good way to put in several hours of very slow driving. Take lots of water and fuel, and an extra vehicle.
Cameron and MacKenzie at the Dinosaur Museum, Alberta

Grandkids, Cameron, and MacKenzie, enjoy the dinosaur museum in Drumheller, Alberta. The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology is a world-class facility presenting an exciting story of the fossils to the public.
Colourful barrel cactus,Arizona

The barrel cactus top can be quite colourful. The fishhook variety has curved needles that really can hook your clothes and skin.
Fall colours, Ontario

Ontario Highway 533 is probably one of the best autumn colour drives in the Province, yet the road is terribly rough and heaved. In spite of the discomfort, it is worthy of a visit when leaves are coloured. Location is east of Highway 17 near North Bay.
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