60th Anniversary SAR Battlefield Tour - 2005

It was a great experience for the author and his wife, Sylvia to be able to go on the 60th SAR Anniversary Battlefield Tour. On their other tours the veterans had been visiting fallen comrades, and erecting plaques. This time, with the hard work behind them, they would enjoy a trip across their battle route in modern comfort. Major Danny McLeod gets full accolades for his excellent planning of the trip, and extra thanks to his wife, Sheila, who spent so much time with the paperwork and errand running.

The SAR would like to thank Don Sleeth of Camera Kingston who loaned a video camera to record highlights of the trip. It was much appreciated.

Tuesday, April 19

First SupperThey came to Europe from all across Canada. Nine veterans of the South Alberta Armoured Regiment (SAR), and forty-one of their families and their friends arrived in Europe on Tuesday, April 19th, to celebrate the ending of World War II sixty years ago. It wasn't all celebration. There was also the wish to visit the gravesites of their comrades who had fallen in battle on foreign soil thousands of miles from home. They would also show their many family members where it all happened.

For some, the modern comforts evaporated somewhat when the plane they were waiting for in Amsterdam was suddenly cancelled, leaving them stranded. After that was settled they arrived in Paris, and looked for their luggage for the next couple of hours. This is difficult treatment for anyone, but when you are 80 years old, and you've travelled from Canada, waiting around an airport is not tops on your list.

That night they relaxed at supper in a small dining room at the hotel where the whole group sat close enough for introductions and fellowship.

Wednesday, April 20

The group enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and embarked upon an excellent tour of Paris.

Tour Group in Paris