60th Anniversary SAR Battlefield Tour - 2005

Monday, May 2

Mill at Udem

The tour took us to Uedem, Germany, where we had coffee and tea in the mill compliments of the Mayor. There was an excellent view from the top of the old mill where the veterans and their friends could see the outline of the Hochwald Gap, a destination that was to see many Canadian soldiers killed in the attempt to take it. The present day scene is peaceful, although hazy, and damp. Below is a massive yellow field of canola. It looks out of place with so much green.

RailtrestleFrom here the tour progressed to Udemer Brouche were they placed a wreath to the German fallen and then moved down to the railroad trestle to visit the SAR plaque. This battle area was the SAR's heaviest casualties in tanks, personnel and prisoners of war. We moved on to a wonderful German Inn and had a tremendous meal.

Afterwards we headed for Zutphen where the Canadians uprooted the Germans from their headquarters and took it for their own headquarters. Here General Crerar had his headquarters. We also saw the Crerar Bridge.

Tuesday, May 3

Today we did the tour of the Twente Canal which had sites of the V- launches. It was here that a lady showed the damage done to her house during the battle of the crossing. Later we had some great treats and coffee. In the fields we saw monster rows of tulips, orange, and red and purple. Afterwards there was a tour of a Linseed Mill. This old windmill still uses the power of the wind to roll linseed into oil. There was no wind so the mill stood quiet and we climbed several sets of narrow, steep steps to reach the top for a great view of the neighbouring fields.

After a nice lunch we saw the Tikle Castle and proceeded to the castle on the hill where the SAR was billeted after the war.

Home with shell hole, Roller windmill

There was a short stop at the castle where the SARs stayed after the war was over, and then it was on to Almelo and a big reception for the 'Thank You Canada Committee' where several gifts exchanged hands.