60th Anniversary SAR Battlefield Tour - 2005

Friday, May 6

Robin Graham is presented to Royalty Today the day started with a tour of Amsterdam with a very good guide who explained very well. One stop was at an old windmill with a statue nearby. Following that was a visit to a wooden shoe factory where they showed how to form the shoe, and to bore out the piece of wood to make the hole for your foot. As well there were glass and porcelain shoes for purchase. Some shoes were bigger than others.

In downtown Amsterdam there were several beautiful buildings and streets of narrow buildings, some with severe tilting. Apparently the buildings are sitting on piles driven into the mud and sometimes the piles sink, causing strange effects to the homes.

After the tour was finished several of the group decided to stay downtown and sightsee. On the sidewalks and in the square there were strangely dressed figures for entertainment, and money. Nearby, was Amsterdam's famous red light district and narrow canals. In places it's almost like Venice.

Too soon, it was back to the hotel, and prepare for Saturday's return home.

Wooden shoe, Tiny policecar