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If you are travelling across North America in your car or RV, then you could use one of my Scenic Travel Guides. Select from 3 Travel Guides and let them help you with your research before the trip.

The Lure of Pine and Sage travel guide covers Western Canada and Central and North-western USA.

Cactus and Canyons covers Central and South-western USA.

Canada: Beyond the Far Horizons covers Central and Western, and North-western Canada, from The Ottawa River west to the Pacific Ocean, and north to Inuvik.

NOTE: I am only selling these as downloads, BUT  CD's are available as special email requests as long as the supply lasts.



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I have designed a number of Gas Calculators for you to use – if you think the cost of Gas is making travel too expensive I challenge you to investigate and compare RV travel fees to hotel and plane travel today...

If you are in the market for RV and Travel products you may find my Product Review Page interesting – it contains my impression of a variety of RV products I have had the chance to use. And finally, if you wish to link to StonessTravelGuides you can read more on linking back to our website.


Travel Guides

The concept of the linked Driving tours developed from the author's wish to show travellers what is available, both scenically, and geologically. This is an attempt to present the information in an easy to read format.

The Lure of Pine and Sage Travel Guide CoverThe Lure of Pine and Sage scenic travel guide covers the Southwest of Canada, and Central and Northwest USA.

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Cactus and Canyons Travel Guide CoverCactus and Canyons scenic travel guide covers the Central and Southwest section of the United States.

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Canada Beyond The Far Horizons Travel Guide CoverCanada: Beyond the Far Horizons scenic travel guide covers Canada from Ottawa, west to the Pacific Ocean, and north to the Arctic Ocean.

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For the first time ever, two of this popular series of Scenic Travel Guides are available to download to your computer. Purchase your PDF ebook now, either Canada: Beyond the Far Horizons, or The Lure of Pine and Sage, and enjoy planning your next trip. (File size approximately 20MB)

Can you think of an easier way to get a quality scenic driving guide?

The Stoness Scenic Guide Books for the RV Enthusiast, or for any driver, are filled with colourful maps, descriptions of highlights along the route, and many beautiful pictures. These exciting travel guides are a combination of materials that will make it easier for anyone to plan a trip. The geological explanations give an insight into the formation of many of the striking scenic landforms along the drives. The scenic travel guide books are good for anyone who travels, whether by car, or recreational vehicle RV. Extra information is included for the RV'ers.

The numerous pictures and maps make these excellent books for planning a trip.

My Novels

The Deadly Trail of Gold Novel Cover

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The Trail Ends in Ouray


Swinging from The Cottonwoods Novel Cover

Escape from The Noose Novel Cover
Hotspot Novel Cover

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Do you think the cost of gas is too high to travel? Try the easy to use gas cost calculator and see if the higher cost is important enough to make you stop travelling.

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Product Review Pages

The Product Review Pages contain my impression of a variety of RV products that I have used. Some people may not agree with my conclusions. Others will find that it helps them in making a choice from among several similar products.

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