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For more than four decades James Stoness has travelled the roads of North America, photographing and writing about what he has seen. His travel articles and beautiful pictures have been published in several magazines and newspapers. He is also the author of five western novels, and one disaster/adventure novel.

In the “Touring North America” scenic tour series, James brings a new concept in Scenic Travel Books. The premise that several Minitours can be created so they interlink, makes it possible for the potential traveller to chain several Minitours together to make a longer trip. The maps, coloured photographs, and descriptions help you plan your trip, and enjoy your progress along the route.

In his westerns, Mr. Stoness writes with an exciting descriptive style, emphasizing the beauty of the southwest, and matching the stories to the terrain to create a feel of reality.

In his novel about the Yellowstone Hotspot, the author fashions his tale around the geologically active volcanic hotspot that exists under the famous park.

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