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The Labrador landscape is a beautiful mix of forest with some hills, lake and rivers. Labrador roads make an ideal adventure trip. Although many hundreds of kilometres long, the TransLabador highway is well maintained gravel except for a few areas where there is nothing but rocks with no gravel left to grade.
James Stoness - Photographer
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Blue pond, Labrador

Labrador has hundreds of lakes and ponds to beckon you.
Campground sign in Goose Bay

Campgrounds are in short supply across Labrador. Just outside of Goose Bay you'll find comfort and relaxation.
Churchill River

Beautiful valley of the Churchill River. Here the water enters the valley after passing through the turbines.
Ponds and forest

Typical pond and marsh terrain across Labrador.
Dunes and highway

The sand dunes stretch along the road.
Ripples in the water

Evening enjoyed from the deck of the ferry near Cartwright.
Fog rises above a distant river

Morning mist rises above a distant river in Central Labrador.
Garden in Churchill

Many people grow gardens wherever they can find good soil. Here near the Churchill Falls outflow there is a perfect garden.
Road sign

The TransLabrador Highway is mostly gravel. It's unfortunate that the government provides almost no stopping points along this very long and empty gravel road. There is so much to see that if would be nice to stop and get out and sample a little of what Labrador has to offer. But this will only happen if you are prepared to stop on the edge of a gravel highway and put up with flying rocks.
Goose Bay sign

Attractive sign welcomes tourists to Goose bay.
Hudson's Bay store

The Hudson's Bay Store has a great museum featuring the history of trapping.
Long road ahead

It's a long drive on gravel roads across Labrador. The trip and the scenery is marvellous. Mountains appear above the horizon on the TransLabrador highway.
Labrador River

Rivers stream down from the high country everywhere.

The milkweed makes a pretty display in the late summer.
Ore train

The finely ground ore shows above the top of one of the ore cars.
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