Photos of North America

The part of Canada east of Ottawa may lack the
high mountains of Alberta, but it does have low mountains
which are mostly clad in forests. It has fabulous
views of the St. Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean. The following are from Quebec's north shore.

James Stoness - Photographer
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Twillingate Lighthouse, Newfoundland

This camping sign illustrates the care in detail you will find in the Tadoussac area. This is a fine place to camp and is in a handy location for taking tours out onto the water to see the whales. A connecting bus will pick you up right on the office.
The Massive Titan Truck in Sparwood, British Columbia

The beautiful church at Riviere Tonnerre make a perfect stop. Look inside to see the blue and white interior with the many carvings.
Goosenecks of the San Juan, Utah

Many of the rivers which run through the northern forests have lignins and tannins in them from the rotting vegetation. The dark colour gives them a dark and mysterious appearance. This river is near Natashquan at the end of the highway.
Canyonlands, beautiful desolation, Utah

This pristine river comes down from the higher country passing through thick forest.This is on the road east to Natashquan.
Bryce Canyon, Utah

The sand dunes near Tadoussac are quite high. The evergreens that are attempting to stabilize them make the area very scenic. Unfortunately off road vehicles are attempting to destroy their efforts.
Old Mill along Blue Ridge Parkway

The magnificent Manitou Falls are visible after you climb down a long series of steps and rough trail. It's quite impressive from the bottom.
Sunset in Arizona

This is one of the pretty rivers that drop out of the hills to enter the St. Lawrence River along the north shore of Quebec.
Sunset in Arizona

This is a view of the Manicougan Impact Crater Reservoir, the 4 largest impact crater in the world, 104 km by 138 km. This reservoir is part of the water that feeds Manic V power plant.
Joshua Tree NP, California

Attractive hotel at the end of the road in Natashquan.
Sunset in Arizona

After leaving Manic V you head into some hilly country and 100 km of gravel roads.
Antelope Butte, Wyoming

The Manic 5 dam is part of the large hydro power project in northeastern Quebec.There are several reservoirs in this project. There is an excellent tour of the power plant and a trip to the top of the dam for a panaramic view.
Antelope Butte, Wyoming

At Fermont there is a display of an older model heavy haul truck.
Antelope Butte, Wyoming

The finely ground iron ore is hauled on these dedicated iron ore trains.
Joshua Tree NP, California

The Manicougan Impact Crater shows in the background. The crater is the result of a 5 km wide meteor 200 million years ago.Ahead is 160 km of gravel.
Antelope Butte, Wyoming

The finely ground ore shows above the top of one of the ore cars.
Joshua Tree NP, California

This scene is typical of the open pit iron ore mine in this area. After the ore is blasted from the cliff, it is hauled to the mill for separation of the rock and grinding of the ore prior to transportation to the river port.
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