Photos of North America

I hope that these photos will encourage you
to travel the scenic tours of the Stoness Guide Books.
James Stoness - Photographer
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Occatillo in leaf

The deserts of the swUSA have many specialized plants. The occatillo drops its leaves in dry periods, only to quickly regrow them if moisture levels rise.

The cactus forest

A cactus forest is not something that is visible everywhere in desert country. The cacti require certain environmental conditions to grow like these, south of Why, Arizona.
Lush vegetation

Some areas provide very lush vegetation. Here, sheltered by the mountain the plants grow profusely.

Mountain backdrop

Mountains and cactus make for colourful photos. Here the furry looking cholla cactus waits for the unwary. Called the jumping cholla because its loose pods somehow get stuck to you, even though you are sure you didn't get that close to it. The needles are sharp, and penetrate very nicely.

Grove of Saguaro cactus

The giant saguaro cactus is one cacti species that almost everyone knows about. This might be where "Snoopy's" brother spends his time. This is a young grove and doing well in protected land. There are stiff fines for anyone digging up plants without a permit in Arizona.

Crow in tree

Ravens and crows soar on the currents rising from the depths of the Grand Canyon. Also there's a chance of picking up some food garbage from the litter bugs. This one had his eye on us.
Cliffs of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

The many overlooks along the rim of the Grand Canyon provide the tourist with excellent views of the erosional features.


Entertainment is provided to riders of the Grand Canyon Railway. Singers walk through the cars, stopping to visit, and sing. Make sure you have hidden your valuables on the way back. You are as likely as not to be in the midst of a holdup on the return trip to Williams Depot.
Marshall apprehends villain

The marshall takes no chances with Miss Sylvia, the ruffian in the red coat. Capturing trouble makers before the train leaves, means the train trip is much more peaceful.
View from observation dome

The ride to the Grand Canyon from Williams is great, especially when you ride in the dome car. The trip passes through one of the largest ranches in the area and it's not unusual to see the cowboys at work. Soon the train climbs up towards the rim, evergreen trees begin to dot the lands, and soon you enter a ponderosa forest. It isn't long afterwards when you reach Grand Canyon Village.

Rim of Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon’s rim is lined with evergreens and bushes. This is a quiet place in the summer to come and sit, leaving the tourist traffic behind.
Snowy promontory

Until you see it, it’s hard to visualize the far rim of the Grand Canyon as being a flat tree covered plain. Up close on the south rim you can see that it is flat but very jagged.
Field harvest

In the Dome Valley east of Yuma the waters of the Gila River are used to irrigate the fertile desert sand. Busloads of Mexican workers help with the harvest.
Old tree

Occasionally, there are oddities that make good photographs, such as this strange looking saguaro, or this old twisted tree.
Strange cactus

The large saguaro cactus lives to a great age and in doing so it is a candidate for disease and damage. Frost damages the arms causing them to droop. Woodpeckers make holes that owls like to live in. This old fellow reminds me of ‘Treebeard’ in the Lord of the Rings story.
Clouds in Welton

In this photo taken from the roof of the RV, storm clouds build up over the mountains on the other side of Dome Valley.
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