The SAR Bronze Plaque Tour - 1999

September 23
Prepared by James Stoness with
the Bronze Plaque Tour in Enschede

Today, the veterans of the South Alberta Armoured Regiment (SAR) and their families travelled from Enschede to Soestdijk where the veterans were presented to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Bernhard, who has recently been in the hospital, proved to be a charming and gracious host. After visiting with the veterans, His Royal Highness went over to shake hands and welcome the other members of the tour party.

Robin Graham is presented to RoyaltyThis proved to be an exciting day for eleven year old Robin Graham, great grandson of veteran Sgt. Tom Milner, when he found himself being presented to His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Bernhard.

All the party posed for pictures with His Royal Highness, and it was obvious that this was a day they would long remember. The day ended with a drive to Calais where the SARs took the ferry to England and a stop at Canterbury, that famous city of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales".