The SAR Bronze Plaque Tour - 1999

September 16
Prepared by James Stoness with
the Bronze Plaque Tour in Bayeux

Today, members and families of the SAR (South Alberta Armoured Regiment) placed a series of wreaths at memorials across Normandy from Caen to St. Lambert-Sur-Dives. At each memorial the local mayor and other dignitaries along with grateful citizens came out to welcome the SAR veterans .

In St. Lambert-Sur-Dives their wreath was placed beside an earlier bronze plaque commemorating the site of Major Currie's stand in the midst of thousands of fleeing Germans along with their equipment. For his action here Major Currie was awarded the only Victoria Cross achieved by any Canadian armoured group. Here, in the quiet town and pastoral countryside, it is difficult to visualize the destruction and pandemonium which now exists only in the memories of veterans and in old photographs.
SAR bronze plaque Cemetery at Cintheaux contains 17 SAR comrades
At a short ceremony, Certificates of Honour were presented to the veterans. A Certificate of Honour for the late Lt. Col. Gordon (Swatty) Wotherspoon was presented to his son, Richard Wotherspoon.

The day finished with a reception for the mayors and their wives as well as Dr. Jean Pierre Benamou and his wife. Dr. Benamou, founder and curator of the WarMuseum at Bayeux, drew upon his wide store of knowledge to provide a commentary on the action in the battlefields viewed during the day's tour.