The SAR Bronze Plaque Tour - 1999

September 22
Prepared by James Stoness with
the Bronze Plaque Tour in Nijmegen

Flowers at Capelse-Veer

Today, the South Alberta Armoured Regiment (SAR) unveiled a plaque at Capelse-Veer. After unsuccessful attempts by three other groups, the SAR, along with the Lincolns and Wellands, was given the job of driving a fiercely determined enemy from its deeply entrenched position. Separated by a broad expanse of water, the island was a natural fortress. To add to the difficulty, the SAR encountered snow and freezing temperatures. Despite the difficulties, the SAR, along with the Lincolns and Wellands, won the day as they had done so many times in other places. A band was present at the unveiling ceremony along with a large crowd of citizens holding their umbrellas aloft in a light drizzle. As the bronze plaque was unveiled, the rain stopped and the sun broke through.

Later in the day, the SAR veterans visited the Canadian War Cemetery in Europe, Groesbeek War Cemetery, and during a short ceremony, laid a wreath. They then searched among the 2300 graves, placing flags of Alberta and Canada on the graves of their SAR comrades.